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Undercurrents: The Oklahoma Sage

Undercurrents: The Oklahoma Sage TAC Gallery 9 East M.B. Brady The Brady Arts District Tulsa, OK  Opening Reception: October 5th, 2018 Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday 6-9pm, or by appointment
Undercurrents: The Oklahoma Sage is a celebration of Oklahoma's female elders. Sculptural works convey the cultural significance of information that has been passed from generation to generation, through story and natural occurrence. 
Red earth and plant matter are the mediums used, depicting impermanence, transition, and paralleling the equally important roles women transition through in life. Each phase is exposed, a glimpse into something specific to this region and its diverse landscape, plants, and wildlife. The Oklahoma Sage is grandmother and all of her wisdom and clarity. Undercurrents is the information quietly handed down and applied to our lives today. 
If one has had the privilege to be raised under the care of their grandmother, so much information has been intertwined within th…

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